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NOTICE: Players on steam. Be aware there may be slight differences between this tier list and girls who are available in your version. We recommend you join the official discord server for help in specific cases: https://discord.gg/FPM6d5NuXF

NOTE: This unit tier list combines both unit and weapon into the overall rating. If weapons are not available, some girls would be lower in overall tier.
NOTE: requires the to be otherwise she in the lower range.
NOTE: requires +20 Weapon to be otherwise she is
NOTE: Players should start saving copies of , as when her Awakened Weapon releases she will be a good unit to own for players of all spending amounts.

Unit Tier List

Standard Starter Team

This is the best team for new players to develop for the following reasons.


Copies of and can be gotten from the Arena store.
Copies of can be gotten from the Isle Store.
Copies of , , and are all available as invasion rewards.
Copies of can be acquired from monthly Vault events
is the only limited to summoning luck. If your luck is really bad, you may need to replace her with a DPS hero you have many copies of, such as or

Outer Area Buffs:
Outer area buffs are a permanent stat increase once all heroes associated with an area are ranked up. This effect does not require the heroes to be in the same party. The buff is huge at low levels and slowly scales off to about 1% at current end game

and share an outer area.
and share an outer area.
shares an outer area with who is a hero you will be ranking up for bosses on the side.

Team Composition:

This team has really solid utility. and both bring a lot to the table to reduce incoming damage. You get solid AoE damage coming from and somewhat more focused AoE from . is one of the best units in the game for her unique ability to clean low health targets.
This team will get you on a good footing for bosses as well. Once 's weapon is ranked up to level 20 she becomes the most universally useful hero for bosses. and also have their time to shine in different boss fights.

Leveling and star ranks
Standard strategy is to star and level DPS first. Primary DPS -> Sub DPS -> Tank -> Support.

should be everyone's primary focus. Her kit is just too good. Her base damage is high. She gets bonus damage to both penglai hero and supports and with her weapon ranked up she becomes a boss killing monster. She is kind of a swiss army knife of DPS. Investing in her whenever possible is always the right move.

Hero Pairings

The following are a list of common parings and why they are good.

Assassin Nuke

Mei's ult hits the girl with the lowest physical defense taking her down to 10-20% hp. then Olivia's ult targets the lowest health target and finishes the job. Rebecca is also useful in this comp if she has an upgraded weapon.

Ranger Crit

The goal of this team is to make Ayano as buff as possible. Both Reese and Huaxi provide Crit Rate/Damage buffs to all other rangers. Since these are ranger specific buffs, Ayano can be replaced with other rangers like Larla, Jasmine and Jill, for a similar effect.

Shocking Encounters

This pairing maximizes the value of Katherines' weapon effect. Zheyueh deals damage to all enemy heroes effected by the lightning status effect and Katherine applies that effect to all heroes that hit her. A similar but less effective comp is Pailin and Zheyueh.


This pairing revolves around Nidias' elemental buff. The pairing is flexible. Rebecca is used here because she does the most elemental damage out of all girls but Imani, Pailin and Zheyeuh also benefit as well.


Eimi Succubus and Asaka both have redirection skills that complement each other. Asaka deals true damage back to enemies that auto attack her. Eimi Succubus redirects an enemies first skill at their own team. Eimi Succubus' weapon also drains energy from all enemies causing those enemies to auto attack more often which helps asaka do more damage. This pairing is only really good at +20 weapon ranks on both girls.

Recommended Weapons

A standard disclaimer for weapons is that the best weapons are typically those of your most used and most built units regardless of the quality of the weapon. This is because the weapons add a large amount of base stats, even if the effect isn't good. The added stats will make you more capable of clearing content than a weaker unit with a built up weapon.

1. Recommended weapons for new players to build start with due to the DPS gain and the ability to flex between AoE and single target DPS roles. This should be most player's first +30 weapon as well, but since it will use Cloud faction specific materials, it should at least be the first Cloud faction +30 weapon.
Reason: Her weapon alone once leveled to +20 will allow many players to defeat a lot more bosses than they were capable of before, notably Spirit Best: Vermillion Bird and Ancient Battlefields: Amaterasu. She is also most player's first damage carry, and still arguably one of the best.

2. Another recommended weapon to build is . But knowing when to build this weapon will vary from player to player. She must be raised to 9* and +20 weapon before she is usable compared to any other tank. Her weapon performs excellent at +20, and F2P players and low spenders should not raise it past that point.
Reason: Due to her F2P friendly nature, she is one of the best tanks for most situations once she reaches +20 weapon where she gains significant HP% and heals all allies except herself based on the damage she takes. Most player's 1st tank, typically can serve as the 2nd party's tank if/when Tekka becomes stronger, so there is no waste.

3. The final new player recommended weapon is . This is generally recommended to be most players 2nd or 3rd weapon (depending on whether they built 's weapon or not). It can be built to +20 or +30.
Reason: It can give up to 15% physical damage reduction to the front-most ally (i.e. slot 1, usually the tank) and grants a random 3 allies up to 40% Armor, which will reduce critical hit rate by 40%. She is already a strong healer, and this weapon makes her even better. It pairs well with virtually all tanks and guards against Rangers and incidental critical hits that can quickly turn a fight south.

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