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Red Artifact XP costs:
2880, 5760, 8640, 11520, 14400, Total: 43200

Fodder XP:
Green: 10
Blue: 40
Purple: 150
Gold: 750
Red: 2400

Item Name Stats Special Effects Description Is P2W Only
Beowulfs Dragon Scale HP: 9177-45885
M.Def. 367-1835
Decreases Elemental Damage on Hero by 10/17/24/31/?% A necklace crafted after Beowulf killed the Fire Dragon. The legendary dragons lived under the harshest conditions so their scales have evolved to resist all damage caused by nature. It also has a certain amount of magic resistance. Yes
Demon Blood Gourd of Orochi HP: 1835-11013
ATK: 2478-14867
Allows ATK for hero to increase by 3/6/9/12/15/18% The magic gourd owned by the devil Orochi. It is containing good strong booze. When a commoner drinks from this gourd, the liquor shall automatically turn into demon blood, which when consumed will unleash the drinker's primeval barbarity. Yes
Devilgods Stare of Atonement HP: 7342-44052
ATK: 1652-9912
Allows Crit Rate for hero to increase by 10/14/18/22/26/30%.
Allows Crit Damage for hero to increase by 15/26/37/48/59/70%
After the Yellow Emperor killed Chiyou, his eyes were beyond the cycle of life and death, and they turned into the "Stare of Atonement." It contains the ability to see through any lies, putting the weaknesses of enemies on full display. Yes
Foxs Eye of Ukanomitama HP: 11013-55065
P.Def: 294-1470
Increases acquired Energy after every action by 5/10/15/20/25/30 points Ukanomitama is the God of Food, providing life essentials for all beings on earth. The charm from the deity is said to possess energy of thousands of years, providing the wearer with an unlimited amount of vitality. Yes
Glaucophane Ring of Yhorm HP: 14684-99999
M.Def: 147-9999
Recovers 2/6/10/14/18/22% HP every round Yhorm is said to be the God of All Creations in the Tribe, representing the Fountain of Life. "Glaucophane" made from his hands can speed up the metabolism of living creatures, healing all wounds. Yes
Randeng Tota of Dipankara P.Def: 367-2202
M.Def: 367-2202
Increases Physical Resistance and Magic Resistance for hero by 5/8/11/14/17/20% A magical weapon used by Randeng Zhenren, which combined the advantages of steel and magic dust, allowing it to resist both physical and magic attacks. It is made with latest forging technique. Yes
Denoucing Incantation of Zhong Kui HP: 6252-31260
ATK: 938-4689
Allows Crit Rate for hero to increase by 6/10/14/18/22% Favorite Incantation of Zhong Kui, the Master Evil Denouncer, symbolizing justice of the underworld and absolute authority, punishing anyone who deserves it. No
Yasakani no Magatama HP: 8753-43765
P.Def: 150-750
Allows Physical Rasistance for hero to increase by 2/4/6/8/10% A traditional treasure of Yasakani Family. Its wearer can control and create "inextinguishable fire" which can cast a powerful protective power on the wearer but cannot be used to damage the enemies. No
Sculpture of Eagle Warrior's Honour P.Def: 250-1250
M.Def: 250-1250
Allows "Physical Defense" and "Magic Defense" for hero to increase by 4/?/?/?/?% In Tribe, only those who are the most elite and have made great achievements can be called "Eagle Warrior." Their souls are enshrined in sculptures to provide strength for the next warrior. No
Power Crystal of Sakra HP: 3751-18756
ATK: 1313-6565
Increases damage dealt with "Active Skill" by 4/7/10/?/16% It is [has] been said that the crytal contains large amounts of muscle stimulant chemical properties, drastically increasing attack, and allowing Sakra to possess equal strenth to Asura, the God of Violence. No
Six Wings of Seraph M.Def: 500-2501 Allows "Magic Defense" for hero to increase by 6/?/?/?/?% Seraph has six wings, with each wing possessing the protective power of the Upper Regions. No
Imperial Jade Seal of Kunlun HP: 8753-43765
M.Def: 150-750
Allows "Magic Resistance" for hero to increase by 2/?/?/?/?% A jade seal used by the royal family of "Kunlun", an anncient country in the East. Legend has it that a Tibetan master imbued myterious power to protect "Kunlun" from foreign enemies. No
Icarus Wings P.Def: 500-2501 Allows "Physical Defense" for Hero to increase by 6/12/?/?30% Magical wings crafted by the father of Icarus from rare steel and bird feathers, allowing the wearer to defend normal physical attacks. No



Item Name Stats Slot Is P2W Only
Ronin Cape HP: 1584 Armor No
Kung Fu Jumpsuit HP: 1926 Armor No
Leather Jacket HP: 2948 Armor No
Animal Hide Armor HP: 4002 Armor No
Bronze Armor HP: 5384 Armor No
Samurai Armor HP: 7682 Armor No
Elf Armor HP: 11426 Armor No
Greater Horn Armor HP: 17724 Armor No
Dragon Feather Garment HP: 24028 Armor No
Qilin Fur HP: 34618 Armor No
Lucent Breastplate HP: 46676 Armor No
Genji Light Armor HP: 56638 Armor No
Valkyrie Goddess Armor HP: 73727 Armor No
Xingtian Wargod Armor HP: 93781 Armor No
File:Blood Queen.png Blood Queen Spiked Armor HP: 121068 Armor No
Rebel King Armor HP: 165193 Armor No
Lofty Iron Armor HP: 226494 Armor No
Ronin Hat P.Def: 63 Head No
Kung Fu Headgear P.Def: 77 Head No
Leather Hat P.Def: 118 Head No
Horned Viking Helmet P.Def: 160 Head No
Bronze Helmet P.Def: 215 Head No
Oni Mask P.Def: 307 Head No
Elf Helmet P.Def: 457 Head No
Greater Horn Attack Helm P.Def: 709 Head No
Dragon Headscarf P.Def: 961 Head No
Qilin Horns P.Def: 1385 Head No
Luminous Bib P.Def: 1867 Head No
Genji Bib P.Def: 2266 Head No
Valkyrie Goddess Helm P.Def: 2949 Head No
Xingtian Wargod Crown P.Def: 3751 Head No
Blood Queen Helm P.Def: 4843 Head No
Rebel King Mask P.Def: 6608 Head No
Lofty Shine Helmet P.Def: 9060 Head No
Ronin Clogs M.Def: 63 Feet No
Kung Fu Shoes M.Def: 77 Feet No
Leather Boots M.Def: 118 Feet No
Wolf Fur Long Boots M.Def: 160 Feet No
Bronze Battle Boots M.Def: 215 Feet No
Samurai Shin Guard M.Def: 307 Feet No
Elf Boots M.Def: 457 Feet No
Greater Horn Spiked Shoes M.Def: 709 Feet No
Dragon Light Shoes M.Def: 961 Feet No
Qilin Hoof M.Def: 1385 Feet No
Water Floater M.Def: 1867 Feet No
Genji Shoes M.Def: 2266 Feet No
Valkyrie Shin Guard M.Def: 2949 Feet No
Xingtian Wargod Knee Pad M.Def: 3751 Feet No
Blood Queen Boots M.Def: 4843 Feet No
Rebel King Boots M.Def: 6608 Feet No
Lofty Abyss Shin Guard M.Def: 9060 Feet No
Ronin Sleeves ATK: 236 Hand No
Weighted Wristband ATK: 289 Hand No
Leather Gloves ATK: 442 Hand No
Bronze Wristguard ATK: 806 Hand No
Samurai Arm Guard ATK: 1152 Hand No
Elf Gloves ATK: 1714 Hand No
Greater Horn Gold Claws ATK: 2659 Hand No
Dragon Rune Sleeve ATK: 3604 Hand No
Qilin Wings ATK: 5193 Hand No
Touch of Cessation ATK: 7001 Hand No
Genji Sleeve ATK: 8496 Hand No
Valkyrie Goddess Gloves ATK: 11059 Hand No
Xingtian Wargod Gloves ATK: 14067 Hand No
Blood Queen Elbow Pad ATK: 18160 Hand No
Rebel King Gloves ATK: 24779 Hand No
Lofty Attitude Elbow Pad ATK: 33974 Hand No

Set Bonuses[edit]

Name 2 set 3 set 4 set
Greater Horn Gear Set P.Def: 71
ATK: 266 HP: 1772
Dragon Gear Set P.Def: 106
ATK: 396 HP: 2643
Qilin Gear Set P.Def: 166
ATK: 623 HP: 4154
Luminous Gear Set P.Def: 243
ATK: 910 HP: 6068
Genji Gear Set P.Def: 340
ATK: 1274 HP: 8496
Valkyrie Goddess Gear Set P.Def: 501
ATK: 1880 HP: 12534
Xingtian Wargod Gear Set P.Def: 750
ATK: 2813 HP: 18756
Blood Queen Gear Set P.Def: 1211
ATK: 4540 HP: 30267
Rebel King Gear Set P.Def: 1982
ATK: 7434 HP: 49558
Lofty Gear Set P.Def: 3352
ATK: 12570 HP: 83803


Item Name Description Is P2W Only
64x64px Bag of Coins Contains 2 hours worth of coins. This is based on your current AFK value (No VIP bonus)
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