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Cattle Girl
General Info
Nov 3th
Character Tier
Weapon Tier
Recommended Artifacts
Character Stats
Weapon Stats


A demon girl who loves cum, and who often tricks young boys into her cave. The masses thought that she lures them into her cave to devour them. However, the reason for her actions is simply because she had believed a folk medicine of the demon race which stated that one can maintain one's youthfulness by consuming enough cum from young men. Therefore, she kept on luring young men on the island into her cave. Asaka loves to take the lead during sex. As the guy is about to cum, she pulls away and catches the cum with her mouth, sucking on the cock with all her might, never wasting any drop of it. Sometimes she will even perform BJs on multiple people at the same time, and demanding them to spray the cum on her body so that she can bathe in it.
"This weapon is infused with my love for humanity. When you are in danger, it will protect you." -Red Ogre The Blue Ghost and the Red Ghost were very close friends. The Red Ghost, who was interested in humans, wanted to integrate into human society, but ghosts ugly born creatures, would never be accepted by humans. In order to fulfil Red Ghost's wish, the Blue Ghost willingly played the role of a villian and attacked the village, while the Red Ghost played the role of the saviour and saved the humans. In the end, the Blue Ghost was disgusted by the people and left. When the Red Ghost learned about it, she blamed herself for being so selfish. Soon afterwards, the Red Ghost decided to go on a journey to find her friend, the Blue Ghost, but unfortunately, she was never able to find her. The Red Ghost believed that the friendship between them would last for generations, so she left behind a family motto and a wolf's mace that would resonate when it met the Blue Ghost's descendants, hoping that the friendship would be renewed in the future. After many years, Asaka became the eighth generation of the Red Ghost's family. Although Asaka always had the mace on her, she had probably forgotten her ancestral motto when she engrossed in sex...



TLDR: Asaka is an S-rank aggressive tank that specializes in high damage and counter attacks, but lacks any skills to reduce incoming damage.

Asaka has a very high usage rate throughout the game. She can serve as the primary tank, but she excels in offense, not defense, which can hold players back from certain content if she is their only tank. She has slightly lower than average tank stats but hits like a truck compared to other tanks, giving her a strong purpose in the game not duplicated by other tanks.

High damage comps
Story Missions
Spirit Beast: Azure Dragon
Mystic Tower: Abyss/Honor Keep
Guild Boss: Goblin of Belonging
Guild Boss: Goblin of Magic
Parallel World: Mirror Frost Giant
Parallel World: Mirror Ibaraki-doji
Parallel World: Mirror Vermillion Bird
Parallel World: Mirror Komainu


Asaka's weapon doubles down on her offensive role through her counter attack damage, dealing 3x damage starting at every 4th counter attack and building up to every counter attack. Her counter attacks are a 50% chance, so once this weapon is maxed out, it can be a real threat and even a hard-counter to high hit-number physical damagers like Jill. Her weapon also gives her some situational survival at +30, with a 30% Physical Damage Resistance if she is the lowest HP% unit at the start of a round. The base stats help her deal and take more damage which is certainly necessary for any serious Asaka users.

Technical Details

Counter Attack Boost: At +1 weapon level, it will take on average 8 physical attacks to trigger Asaka's 3x damage blow, and at +30 weapon level it will only take 2 physical attacks to trigger. Since normal attacks count as physical damage regardless of class or damage type, a slot 1 Asaka with +30 weapon can expect to land 2 blows at 3x damage in the first round alone.

Lowest HP% Physical Resistance Buff: This is considered a battlefield aura, as it triggers (if the condition is met) at the beginning of a round.

Asaka should be built by all F2P, due to her very high usage throughout all of the various game-modes. The biggest question for F2P is generally when to build her. is often a higher priority due to her defensive nature and high pay-off. Many F2P will start out with as their main tank, due to her high availability through stores and a free copy from the newbie login event. When to build Asaka is up to each F2P to decide, but it is recommended to build her eventually. She should be used with a or , but certain fights can even justify using a if survival is not important.

Asaka should be built by all whales eventually due to her high usage throughout the various game-modes. Her weapon should be a somewhat high priority for whales as well, due to the significant improvement +30 offers over the +20. She should be used with a or when survival is important, or a when damage output is all that matters.


Name Effect
link={{{4}}} Taunt Casts a Taunt effect on 2/3/4/5 random enemies, making the affected target's Normal Skill to be locking on self for 3 rounds.
link={{{4}}} Terminator Attaks a enemy, If the target's HP is below 30%, deals 160/200/240/300% ATK as True Damage to the target, otherwise deals 130/160/190/240% ATK as Physical Damage.
link={{{4}}} Sturdy Composition Increases self's ATK by 10/20/30/40%.
link={{{4}}} Counterattack When self after taking Physical Damage, has a 50% chance of dealing 50/65/80/100% ATK as True Damage to the attacker.
link={{{4}}} Tears of Ghosts When "Counter Attack" activates every 4/3/2/1 times, the Damage will be 3x. (+30) Casts a Damage Reduction effect on self if she is the lowest HP percent of party at the start of round, increasing Physical Resistance by 30% for 1 round.

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