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Jun 3rd
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Chizuru and Izumi were the famous sister cats of Penglai Island. A thousand years ago they were owned by a strong man who lived an unusually long life. He lived over 200 years and never aged in appearance, but in the end he succumbed to illness. After their master's death, the two cats, unaware of life and death, stayed at his grave for most of their lives.

After her best friend was attacked, Mihime did not believe in other demons anymore. But when she heard about the two cats guarding their former owner's grave, out of appreciation for their loyalty, she took them back and taught them to become immortal.

After a thousand years of training, Chizuru had obtained a human form before her sister and started working as a killer for Mihime, killing people quickly and mercilessly using her hunting nature as a cat. Her appearance was not much different from that of a human, but Chizuru liked her cat form so much that she kept her tail and ears.

When she was a cat, her master would put her between his legs and stroke her, and Chizuru would sometimes feel the majesty of her master's crotch so when she became an immortal, she still couldn't give up her habit of going around and begging for strong men's touch, even if she had to exchange it with sex. She would even play with penises as if they were cat toys.
’By the power of the Kido, all who believe in me will gain great strength.’- Himiko. Over the course of a thousand years of training, the two sisters, Chizuru and Izumi, had come to understand human emotions and missed their former master more and more. Izumi even asked Mihime how she could meet him again. Seeing that the two sisters were so naive, Mihime used this opportunity to make them forget about him once and forever. She bribed the gatekeeper of the ghost world to give them a chance to visit their master who was suffering in the ghost hell. As Mihime expected, the two sisters met their former master, who was already a skinny ghost. He soon recognised the two sisters as the last cats he ‘kept’ in his life, but then he crawled up to their feet and kept licking them, whispering ‘My babies... My elixir of immortality... I regret not having killed you...’. The legend that cats have nine lives had been told since ancient times, and now Chizuru finally understood the secret of this man’s longevity and youthfulness. In despair, she took the scythe in her hand and cut off the man’s tongue, then dragged Izumi away from the ghost world and returned to Mihime, where she served her sincerely. Since that day, Chizuru's scythe had changed a little. Perhaps due to its experiences in the ghost world, those who were struck by it were reduced to walking corpses that only chased after survival, just like the sisters' former master.



TLDR: Chizuru is a B-tier Assassin who specializes in dealing damage to front row units, and can hide the front-most enemy to allow the team to attack behind it.

Chizuru is mostly a tech unit, or she is only brought into a PVP fight for a specific purpose, like to bypass a strong tank or counter-attack unit. Because of this, she doesn't see a lot of usage throughout the game. Overall her damage is relatively average and since it focuses on the front row, it is often against tanks and supports. Chizuru's hide mechanic does not work versus bosses, so she is only useful when she is very built-up and can deal bonus damage to a boss in the front row.

Useful For

Story Missions and PvP

PVP Tech (Position 1 unit hiding)

Chizuru's weapon increases damage against front row targets, and can eventually reduce ATK by a modest amount against targets struck. This helps her be more relevant, but does not give her a specific purpose or role. Pending review of her +30AW (Awakened Weapon) effect, and if it stacks and/or works against bosses.

Overall F2P should skip building Chizuru. It takes away precious resources without providing very much gain. F2P can consider using her as fodder, since she has no specific uses in the game where they absolutely have to hold onto her.

Whales will most likely end up building Chizuru at some point, but she is a relatively low priority compared to many other units. She doesn't have very many specific uses to where whales need to build her right away for anything.


Name Effect
link={{{4}}} Genki Seal Deals 110/120/130/140% ATK as Physical Damage to an enemy.
link={{{4}}} Head Reaper Deals 160/200/240/300% ATK as Physical Damage to an enemy. if the target is in front row, the damage will be multiplied by 1.5x
link={{{4}}} Smoke Bomb Has a 30/45/60/75% chance to make an enemy will not be a priority target every round. (NOTE: this skill is poorly written. It targets the enemy with the highest maximum HP and Hiding them)
link={{{4}}} Corpse Explosion At the beginning of the battle, casts a Seal effect on all enemies in back row, if the affected target dies, casts a Burn effect on all enemies in front row, deals 90/120/150/180% ATK as Elemental Damage at the end of the round.
link={{{4}}} Soul Puppets When self after dealing Direct Damage to enemy, casts a Weaken effect on the target immediately, decreases the affected target's ATK by 7/12/17/17% for 1 round. (+30) "Genki Seal" will cast a Silence effect on the target, prevents the affected target from using Active Skills for 1 round.

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