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Dec 25th
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Diana was a blaster who was obsessed with explosives and would often work hard in her research lab on new explosive weapons. When the Black Moon clan got assassination or robbery missions, the targets were often inside thick walls and needed an explosives expert like Diana to complete the mission, so they offered to provide her with explosive materials in the hope that she would develop the most powerful explosive weapon in history, and Diana was interested in the project, so she entered into a partnership with the Black Moon clan.

Those who had spent time with her said that Diana was more cold-blooded than a cold-blooded animal. She was cold to everyone, almost expressionless. People were unable to feel her ups and downs. But in fact, Diana loved watching the dismemberment of human bodies as they exploded. It gave her immense pleasure, but she didn't show it. This was why Diana not only sold weapons to the army for extra money, but also took to the battlefield as a sexy mercenary, as she loved to get her enemies up close and personal and bomb them right in the face with explosives while they had erections.

But Diana was surprisingly inexperienced in sex and could not even masturbate. She was devoted in her research, almost forgetting about her sexuality, so her body was extremely sensitive and her love juices would flow at the slightest touch, and once someone opened the door of sex for her, the situation would be uncontrollable.
Diana~ let's be together forever and ever! Fingers crossed~'- Little sidekick, Belial. Diana, who spent her life researching explosive weapons, had a heavy machine gun, which didn't quite fit her image as a blaster, but Diane took it very seriously, as it was the first and last gun Diana ever made, and the reason she became a blaster. Back in time, Diana still had dark hair, blue pupils and was a once-in-a-decade female expert at the Institute, thus attracting the attention of many men. She was always accompanied by a pink-haired boy called Belial, an orphan who had grown up in the Institute since birth. He had no talent and no one wanted to adopt him, so he would just end up as a human test subject for the Institute. Diana couldn't bear to see him in such a miserable state, so she took him under her wing. To repay Diana, he secretly acted as her protector, helping her to chase away all the shameless men who coveted Diana's beauty, but this behaviour attracted the displeasure of many men. One day, Diana received a new commission to build a heavy machine gun, a new challenge for Diana, and Belial knew that as long as Diana was into her research, she would lock herself up in her own research room for days until it was finished. Unfortunately, without Diana to look after him, men who were jealous of him took him away to conduct inhumane experiments, even to test the latest skull bomb, on the pretext that he was not contributing to the Institute... When Diana looked for Belial with the completed machine gun, she saw his body, blown to bits in the laboratory, his head gone. She was silent for a long time while the men beside her wiggled their erect penises trying to ‘comfort’ her. At this point she picked up her heavy machine gun and blew the heads off everyone else present as well, leaving a bunch



TLDR: Diana is an SS rank mostly whale PVP-focused Warrior with extremely high turn 1 burst damage, team ATK buff and high stun crowd control capabilities. F2P should not invest in her, since it is either expensive or would take a F2P a minimum of requirements or 29 months to make effective.

Diana has 3 main functions prior to building her weapon high. The first is her stun capability on her ultimate, which isn't too amazing. It has a lower stun chance than Rin and she has far fewer targets and sources of stun. Her second function is her passive that increases the ATK of the team by 15% and the effect increases to 30% if the ally is a fellow Warrior, including herself. Her last function is a passive skill that allows 2 allies to return physical damage to any enemy who inflicts magic damage upon them. Of note, her normal skill isn't a very good skill, but because it inflicts 1 target with poison, it can synergize well with Thea, who is a Warrior and will receive the 30% ATK from Diana and enable more poisoned targets that give bonus damage to Thea.

Diana becomes SS whale-PVP tier when her weapon reaches +30 weapon or higher, as it releases a volley of 3 hits during the battlefield aura at the beginning of turn 1, that deal high damage, can critically hit, and have a 60% chance to stun (100% chance at +40 weapon). This effect, when combined with a well built Asaka dealing counter attack damage, is one of the strongest meta PVP teams (as of May 2023).

Damage support and burst damage dealer
Warrior Teams
Whale PVP
Spirit Beast: Vermillion Bird
Guild Boss: Wizard Goblin

Goddess Turn 1 Physical Damage Reduction


Diana's weapon isn't very impactful at +20. Once it reaches +30 it can deal some respectable damage on a maxed out Diana, with a high chance to stun multiple targets. Once Diana's weapon reaches +30, she becomes a significant threat in PVP. When combined with Asaka's counter attack damage, Diana is a lethal turn 1 threat which currently sits atop the meta (as of May 2023).

Technical Details

Diana's weapon fires 3 separate shots at random targets during the turn 1 battlefield aura phase. Each shot targets independently and can target the same enemy.

Diana is not a very good pick for F2P because she can only really serve as a Warrior ATK buffer and weaker stunner than Rin. She needs to be fully maxed with a +30 Weapon or higher to be SS tier.

Diana serves as one of the highest pillars of PVP in the current meta (May 2023) once her weapon is +30. She has a high chance to stun up to 3 targets and the damage she deals during the turn 1 battlefield aura phase is high enough to frequently kill one of the opponent's units. When combined with Asaka's counterattack damage, the turn 1 damage taken by the opponent is often times lethal without turn 1 damage reduction sources (Jihkuang, Sibyl, Goddess passives, etc.).


Name Effect
link={{{4}}} Sulphuric Acid Bombs Deals 100% ATK as Physical Damage to an enemy hero and casts a Poison effect to the target, deals 20/30/40/60% ATK as Elemental Damage to the affected target at the end of round, lasts for 2 rounds.
link={{{4}}} Splash Cannon Strike Deals 100/120/140/170% ATK as Physical Damage to a random enemy hero and has a 70% chance to cast a Stun effect on target, prevents the affected target from action for 2 rounds. Deals an additional 100/120/140/170% ATK as Physical Damage to a enemy in back row.
link={{{4}}} Ammunition depot Casts a Strengthen effect on all party heroes every round. Increases the affected target's ATK by 5/10/15/20%, if the target is a Warrior, ATK will be increased by 10/20/30/40%
link={{{4}}} Needles Casts a Strengthen effect on 2 party heroes every round, when the affected targets after taking Magical Damage, it deals Diana's 80/110/140/170% ATK as Physical Damage to the attacker, last for 1 round.
link={{{4}}} Bombing Frenzy Deals 80/110/140/170/200% ATK as Physical Damage to random enemy 3 times every 6 rounds. this can be hit the same target. (+30) each damage has a 60/100% chance to cast a Stun effect to the targets, last for 1 round.

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