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170cm below
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Eimi and Shasa were originally members of a simple village on the Tribe. Since they were little, they had shown great talent in alchemy, so the village headsman went to the Western Alliance to request a place for two exchange students, and spent all the village's resources to send them to the Alliance to further their studies in the hope of nurturing outstanding talents for the village. After joining the Western Alliance's Alchemy Academy, the two of them were bullied by people because they were born in a poor village, but they didn't get depressed because of this. Instead, they worked hard and got better, and not only mastered all of the Alchemy Academy's superior alchemy, but also sublimated the research and development of the alchemy into the brand-new "Sex Alchemy", which was different from other traditional alchemy genres, as its unique extracts could enable inhalants to increase their body sensitivity dramatically, and decrease the interval between orgasms. It was an epoch-making invention.

With the powerful aphrodisiacs developed through Sex Alchemy, Eimi and Shasa instantly transformed from village girls into popular new stars in the Western Alliance. Small doses of Sex Alchemy extracts were luxury entertainment items for the higher-ups in the tribes, while large doses of its derivatives became horrifying weapons on the battlefield to make the enemy lose their nerve and their will to fight. The effect of the drug was to make all the enemies fall into an uncontrollable state of exhaustion and orgrasm, making it easy to win.

After finishing their studies and returning to the tribe, they were hidden as a secret weapon of the army, which made the young girls feel quite distressed. Who would like to be trapped in a research lab to carry out boring researches all day and night? So in the name of collecting Sex Alchemy materials, the two of them sneaked out of the tribe together, and began to happily explore the continent's rare things.
Coming Soon.



NOTE: This unit's tier ranking is most likely inaccurate, due to the lack of high-level testing data available at this time. She is difficult to gauge due her unique blessing dispel and high damage multipliers, yet she targets highest HP units.
TLDR: Eimi and Shasa are still currently being tested. Due to presence of maximum level versions of her, it is difficult to gauge her maximum strength/damage in real circumstances.

It is important to note that while this unit is an Assassin, she has a maximum Speed stat of 49124, which is significantly slower than other Assassins. This tends to run in her benefit, as it allows her passive Mass Blessing Dispel effect occurs after all other units except for Tanks and Mages, ensuring she can remove most Blessing effects, except those provided by those 2 classes. This includes, but is not limited to: All ATK and Crit/Rate buffs including cumulative Warrior specific buffs, all Ranger CDMG buffs, Tank Guards effects, Protect Shields, Damage Shares, Hiding/Stealth effects and many others. Many tank effects can last multiple turns, like Luna's Damage shield, Tenka's Guard, and Doreen's Damage share last for 2 turns, meaning it will be dispelled after 1 turn of effect, and since Tanks are one of the last to take their turn, they will only get the tail-end of a turn's effect before it will be dispelled. Teams that seek to exploit this mass dispel will most likely be where this unit finds most of its use in PVP.

PVP (Assassin Teams)
PVP (Mass Blessing Dispel)
Spirit Beast: Komainu
Ancient Battlefields: Kirin (still testing)
Guild Boss: TBD


Eimi and Shasa's weapon can provide up to 40% ATK, which is no small amount. If you plan on using her for damage, this weapon should at least be built to +20. The +30 added effect will make her immune to curses, which is quite useful, but not a must-have.

Awakened Weapon

Not available.

Technical Details

Curse Immunity: This effect is passive, and therefore does not trigger during battlefield aura stages, and cannot be dispelled, which is relatively unusual for a weapon effect.

This unit has niche uses for F2P, primarily due to her high damage at low stars, and her mass blessing dispel passive. However, since she is not available in the base summon pool, it's not generally worth trying to focus on her as F2P.

This unit has promise in whale PVP, but it is unknown whether she can actually perform at the highest PVP levels. Her most likely uses in PVP will be as part of an Assassin-heavy team to counter act heavy Mage teams, or for her mass blessing dispel every 2 turns passive, which can remove protect shields, damage shares, tank guard effects, all forms of damage resistance, all stat buffing effects, hiding effects, and many others. There is no limit to how many buffs the passive can remove. She will most likely find use in Guild Bosses due to her high skill damage, and possibly her Blessing dispel effect to a lesser extent.


Name Effect
link={{{4}}} Rule of Mixing Deals 200/220/250/280% ATK as Magic Damage to a enemy with the highest HP.
link={{{4}}} Organic Creation Deals 300/320/350/380% ATK as Magic Damage to a enemy with the highest HP and casts a Energy Grant effect on 1 party "Assassin" hero (except self), the affected targets at the end of the round increases 80 energies. Last for 1 round.
link={{{4}}} Effective Medicine Casts a Dispel effect to effect on all enemies (except bosses) every 2 rounds. Removes all Blessing effects from the affected target. Makes an enemy with the highest HP (except bosses) lose 25% HP immediately every 2 rounds.
link={{{4}}} Quality Assurance Casts 1 or 2 Strengthen effects on a party "Assassin" hero every round, increases affected target's Magic Damage by 25% for 1 round. Casts an Immune effect on all party "Assassin" hero every round, the affected targets are unaffected by Control effects for 1 round.
link={{{4}}} Gate of Truth Increases self's ATK by 10/20/30/40%. (+30) Immune to Curse effects.

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