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In order to become a top chef in the Supreme Academy of Celestial Cuisine, Angel Bodo decided to venture into the mortal world in search of all kinds of rare ingredients to bring back to the Heavenly Realm. But when she arrived on earth, she didn't know anything about the mortal world, and was captured by the Holy Sun Church... The Church wanted to know the way to the Heavenly Realm, so they kept on asking Bodo, but they didn't realize that Bodo had no sense of direction and had no idea about the way back to the Heavenly Realm. However, the Holy Sun Church did not give up and kept on interrogating Bodo like a criminal day and night, which made Bodo feel very uncomfortable, but she could not escape, making her feel helpless. Mikami, a demon who lived in the human world and took pleasure in playing pranks on people, accidentally saw the funny reaction of the interrogated angel Bodo and thought that Bodo was also playing pranks on people, so she thought it would be more fun to get together with her. So Mikami, who thought they were the same kind of beings, decided to rescue her. One night, Mikami rescued the angel Bodo and realized that her "ignorance" wasn't feigned, and regretted rescuing her... However, Bodo treated Mikami as her savior, and followed her all the way to repay her for her kindness. Moreover, Bodo had to search for ingredients in the mortal world. Although the little devil didn't like to be followed by the angel all day long, since the angel's cooking was good and her liking, she reluctantly continued her adventures with her. The little devil's way of making mischief was mostly related to sex, and she often taught Bodo a bunch of strange sex knowledge, which made Bodo become very interested in sex...
"Whether it's cooking or making love, you have to take it seriously!" - Angel Bodo and Demon Mikami In the Supreme Academy of Celestial Cuisine, each student was blessed by the god of gastronomy with an exclusive sacred utensil, which would be transformed into a unique shape according to one's ability. However, for some unknown reason, Bodo was blessed with two sacred utensils: a silver spoon and a black fork. The whole academy was shocked by this, and the head chef thought Bodo was a once-in-a-lifetime talent, so they taught her personally. As expected, Bodo was indeed a genius, and her cooking was recognized by the gods, who were ready to appoint her as the next head chef. However, Bodo had only used the power of the silver spoon, but had not yet learned how to use the power of the black fork, and feeling that she was not qualified to be the head chef, and that there were still many ingredients in the world waiting to be discovered, she took the two sacred utensils with her and traveled to the mortal world on her own to search for the ingredients. After Bodo and Mikami embarked on their journey together, Mikami, seeing Bodo was so scared that she could not fight back against a demon, successfully fought off the demon by grabbing the black fork. Bodo realized that the power of the black fork was "hunting", and that Mikami was able to use the power of this sacred utensil to the fullest extent. Since Bodo was clueless about fighting, she gave the black fork to Mikami. But why was Mikami able to use Bodo's sacred utensil so freely after snatching it? It seemed that their encounter was destined to happen.


TLDR: GOD H&M is a heavy healing SS tier Support with a versatile kit of offensive and defensive buff support.

GOD H&M's healing is strong out of the box, and she doesn't rely on her weapon for it, making her one of the quickest high-volume healers to invest in. Her other buffs can immune targets from control effects, raise their HP and through her weapon she can raise Physical Resistance. Her ATK buff applies to all allies for a smaller 15%, so she will be less effective than Jihkuang when providing offensive support to a single damage carry, but can do better in teams with many strong damage carries. Since GOD H&M's heals and buffs do not benefit from star-levels, she can be useful even at low stars. Due to this, she tied with Jihkuang as the top recommended festival/carnival girl to get first for F2P and low-spending players.

Story Missions
Spirit Beast: Any
Ancient Battlefields: Any
Guild Boss: Any

Most Units


GOD H&M's weapon provides up to 20% Physical Resistance for all allies, but 12% of that is easily obtained via weapon level +20 which is generally free. Investment in GOD H&M's weapon to +30 is generally not worth much, adding only +3% Physical Resistance. However, her +40W is extremely powerful, and will counteract virtually every high damage early-turn burst team in the game. This weapon investment is extremely expensive however.

Awakened Weapon

None at this time.

Technical Details

Coming Soon.

All F2P should seek to obtain GOD H&M early from the monthly festival. Even at low stars, she can be used to raise the ATK of all units by up to 15% as well as boost HP%, even after she is killed. This is a great amount of gain early for a low-star support. Built up strong, GOD H&M can serve as a solid F2P healer and offensive and defensive buff support. A strong festival pick for F2P players.

For the same reasons that F2P should pickup GOD H&M, whales should also have a serviceable GOD H&M at all times. She can act as a versatile and strong offensive and defensive buff support to virtually every unit in the game to any unit in the game. She also serves as a strong meta PVP healer if invested in properly, and does not require her +30/40 weapon levels to be good, and while it is exceedingly expensive, her +40W is extremely strong.


Name Effect
link={{{4}}} Endless life Casts a Healing effect on our hero with the lowest HP, which restores 15/20/25/35% of the affected target's HP, and casts an Immune effect on the target, which protects the affected target from Control effects for 2 rounds.
link={{{4}}} Brand new world Casts a Healing and Strengthen effect on all our heroes, the affected targets regain 15/20/25/30% of their HP and their Magic Defense increases by 10/20/30/40% for 2 rounds. Casts a Weaken effect on all enemies, the affected target's Magic Defense decreases by 10/20/30/40% for 2 rounds.
link={{{4}}} Last Man Standing Increases all of our heroes' HP and ATK by 5/10/15/25%, this effect will not be cancelled by their (GOD H&M's) death.
link={{{4}}} Sleepless appointment Each round, casts a Healing effect on our hero with the lowest HP, restoring 9/12/15/18% of the target's HP, and cast an Immune effect on the target, so that the affected target is unaffected by the Cursed effect for 1 round.
link={{{4}}} Heavens warriors Increases the Physical Resistance of all our heroes by 6/9/12/15/20%. (+40) When all of our heroes take Physical Damage inflicted by a non-boss hero, this damage will not exceed 20% of the target's maximum HP, and if they take Magic Damage inflicted by a non-boss hero, this damage will not exceed 30% of the target's maximum HP.

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