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There was a huge strait to the south of the Kingdom of Clouds, an important waterway that connected different countries. Since land transport was the only way for countries to trade. As the strait became busier and busier, a band of pirates was formed to rob the merchants. Among the band ofief of the navy in order to defeat Hata herself. Recently, Hata had heard that a legendary figure, the Rebel King, would be passing through the strait. There had been rumours on the mainland that the Rebel King had a hidden "supreme treasure", so she had foretoldthat she would seize this "treasure" herself. Upon learning this news, the navy was on the move to escort the Rebel King. The navy and the pirates were about to have an unprecedented battle for semen...
"I remember the weapons I have made and sold. Among them is a pair of swrords that, even though they are different in appearance, are indeed a pair of brothers, and they are my supreme masterpieces." -A famous blacksmith of the Kingdom of Clouds who had passed away The blacksmith's family had been ironworkers for three generations, each generation forging exclusive weapons for the royal family, hoping to create the best sword in the world in their lifetime. Unfortunately, when the new Mother came to the throne, he could not tolerate the idea of a boundary lockdown, so he escaped from the palace in the night, hiding in the mountains. To avoid the Mother's assassins, he changed his name and quitted being a swordsmith, working as an ordinary ironworker, making knives and farming tools to feed his family. Even though the times were bad and life was hard, he was unwilling to return to the palace to serve the new Mother. However, he did not give up his dream of making the strongest weapon, and spent his spare time every day to refine his craft, creating a unique technique of blending different steels together and eventually forging two superb swords. But it was only a matter of time before the Mother heard of the blacksmith's whereabouts and offered him a chance to serve the royal family again. The blacksmith would rather die than serve the royal family, so he ordered his son to take the swords and run away before leaping off the cliff. The son did not inherit his father's skill as a blacksmith, and after wandering the streets for a short time, he sold the two good swords for money, and the twin swords went their separate ways. Now they were in the hands of two rivals, who did not know that the great swords could not hurt each other, and perhaps this was the biggest reason why neither of them had been able to win for so long.


Note: Hata & Hibiki are a limited unit (similar to Diva Mikami), and thus not get added to the base summoning pool on normal schedule.

TLDR: Hata & Hibiki are a Ranger who focuses mostly on support skills while having relatively weak damaging active skills. However she makes up for her weak damage with a counter-attack mechanic and a high dodge skill that will have a variety of impacts, depending on the battle.

She is capable of just 1-turn killing the entire enemy party if none of her counters are used in the opposing party. Methods to counter her include Goddess Mikami or Joan, Sibyl+30W or Jihkuang +30/40W to reduce her damage on turn 1 to the point where she cannot kill the enemy team, or kill her with a combination of counter attack damage with Asaka (or to a greatly reduced effect, Meghna) and passive damage like Diana, Diva Mikami (or to a reduced effect, Olivia and Ayano).

Ranger parties
Story Missions
Very Strong PVP
Mystic Tower: Abyss/Realm of Hallucination
Ancient Battlefields: Amaterasu
Guild Boss: Goblin of Magic


Useful weapon at +20, but extremely powerful weapon reaching +30. Once the weapon guarantees dodges and counter attacks the entire enemy party, she can be combined with many other mechanics like Reese's weapon to inflict massive damage, potentially 1st turn killing the entire enemy party. The disadvantage that comes with +30W is that she will be counter-attacked by any unit using physical damage-based counter attacks, mainly Asaka.

Technical Details


F2P are limited on how many Hata & Hibiki copies they can collect (Clicker and Lucky Wheel events only). She will be a fairly average Ranger-support unit unless the F2P can collect enough copies of her over a long time to reach 9-star and gain access to her weapon where she could then be used as a dodge-and-counter tank and Ranger support. When using her, F2P should use a .

Hata & Hibiki can be difficult to counter for many players, so she will be a very strong unit until her counters become accessible by most players. She can be a 1-unit army in many circumstances. She should be used with a in most normal circumstances.


Name Effect
link={{{4}}} United to Face Enemy Deals 100/120/140/160% ATK as Physical Damage to 2 random enemies, and casts a Strengthen effect on 2 random ally Rangers, increases the affected target's Physical Damage by 6/9/12/15% for 2 rounds.
link={{{4}}} Give-and-take Deals 140/160/190/220% ATK as Physical Damage to 2 random enemies, and casts a Steal effect on all ally Rangers, after the affected targets dealing Physical Damage to the enemy, they immediately recover HP by 15/25/35/45% to the damage they just dealt for 3 rounds.
link={{{4}}} Aspiration of Revenge Makes self after taken Normal Attack or Active Skill, deals Normal Attack to the attacker, limited to 2/3/4/5 times per round.
link={{{4}}} Bossing the sea Casts a Energy Reduction effect on all enemies every 2 rounds, when the affected targets after taking Direct Damage, decreases the affected target's energies by 15 immediately for 1 round.
link={{{4}}} Resourceful Increases self's Dodge by 30/50/70/100%. (+30) Makes self's Normal Attack to target all enemies.

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