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Jul 14th
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Originally an ordinary peasant girl, Huanli was kidnapped one day by the master of the kingdom of clouds for an experiment on summoning the dead, and was forced to make a contract with the Ghost Warrior who was killed in an ancient war. Later, during an attack by the Rebel King's army on the kingdom of clouds, Huanli was able to escape from the lab, but the Ghost Warrior followed her. At first she resisted the Ghost Warrior but in vain, and gradually she accepted its presence. Huanli's happy family was destroyed by the master of the state, and was cruelly treated in the lab. She only felt that the world was very dark. When she saw someone she didn't like, she would control the Ghost Warrior to kill them, but when she encountered a poor person she would try her best to help because she didn't want there to be another person as unfortunate as her in the world. For the sake of his host's mental health, the Ghost Warrior would force the men around Huanli to make love to her in public whenever she had a desire. Surprisingly, she also enjoyed the feeling of being watched by people.
'Only the one who can survive the battlefield is the true victor.' - The Ghost Warrior. During the Warring States period, there was an unnamed warrior. He was an orphan since his childhood, with no name, no family and no friends. In search of a presence, he chose to join the army. In the midst of bloody battles, he began to find the meaning of life: to fight. Because of the battles, he was recognized and respected. But also because of the battles, he got a lot of scars and his face became so scary that he had to wear a ghost mask, so people called him the Ghost Warrior. He never lost a single battle in his life, and his victories were like compensation from the heavens. Yet strong as he was, Ghost Warrior could not fight the evil of humans. It was a taboo to be stronger than your master. The lord of the Ghost Warrior was afraid that the people would embrace him as their leader, so he began to plot to get rid of him. He bribed several soldiers to backstab the Ghost Warrior on the battlefield. Even before he died, he did not know why his men had betrayed him, and his ghost remained in the human world, becoming a spirit who reaped the souls of the dead on the battlefield.


Note: This unit's weapon at +30 is extremely strong and often defines the meta for Physical Damage PvE teams.
TLDR: Huanli is an S rank offensive and tough Warrior that can fulfill a team tank role when properly supported.
Huanli has two potential roles a warrior damage role or a warrior tank role. Warriors typically deal far less damage than their Assassin, Ranger, or Mage counterparts, but generally are tougher and more survivable, but Huanli has a kit that allows her to deal out some reasonable damage and also take a lot of damage (although a lot of it will be RNG).

Note on Artifacts: Huanli can benefit from nearly all artifacts in the game, they cannot all fit in the slots below. Also, because they are all more situational than usual based on what role she is being used in, it is difficult to determine Best in Slot (BiS) or precise priority order.

Warrior Teams
Mystic Tower: Realm of Hallucination
Spirit Beast: Azure Dragon
Ancient Battlefield: Amaterasu
Ancient Battlefield: Valkyrie
Parallel World: Mirror Ibaraki-doji
Guild Boss: Wizard Goblin

Tank Role:

Damage Role:


Huanli's weapon is very necessary to ensure her self-sustaining capability. She self-healing by up to 40% of the damage she deals with direct attacks, and since all of her attacks target random enemies, she may actually deal some reasonable damage when not targeting the enemy tank all of the time. At +30, her weapon gains a stacking 5% physical damage taken debuff to a random enemy target that lasts for 20 turns (currently the maximum length of any fight). This provides her an additional role of team physical damage support, which is extraordinarily powerful against physically vulnerable bosses, and a solid bonus in story style fights and PVP.

Technical Details


Huanli is a fairly average damaging Warrior with above average survivability for F2P. Unless a F2P player chooses to dedicate themselves to her +30 Weapon, they most likely won't find her earth shatteringly good for a lot of content. She can still be a relatively strong unit if F2P can build her up high enough, but since this could take a large amount of time, this is generally for veteran F2P to consider. She can use either a or when prioritizing damage, and a or when prioritizing survivability.

Huanli is a very important unit to max out and obtain a +30 Weapon for spending players. Her stacking 5% PDmg taken debuff can mean the absolute difference between haves and have nots against bosses who are vulnerable to PDmg. She is best used with a when teamed up with a maxed weapon , and a or otherwise when she is trying to deal damage. She can also use a or when trying to fill a pseudo tank role. She can find use in nearly every artifact, depending on her usage.


Name Effect
link={{{4}}} Just and Evil Has a 50% chance to cast a Damage Reduction effect on self every round, increases self's Physical Resistance by 10/20/30/40% for 1 round.
link={{{4}}} Fully Burned Deals 150/200/250/300% ATK as Physical Damage to 1 random enemy, if the target is in the front row, the damage will be multiplied by 1.5x.
link={{{4}}} Overheat Casts a Strengthen effect on a party hero with the highest HP percent, increases the target's ATK by 8/16/24/32% for 1 round.
link={{{4}}} Intense Makes self's Normal Attack to target random enemy, Increases self's ATK by 15/20/25/30%.
link={{{4}}} Live and Die Casts a Steal effect on self every round, when self after dealing Direct Damage to the enemy, recovers HP by 10/20/30/40% of the damage she dealt, last for 1 round. (+30) Casts a Weaken effect on a random enemy every round, increases the affected target's Physical Damage taken by 5% lasts for 20 rounds, this effect can be stacked.

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