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DJ Queen
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Jan 11th
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The Church of Holy Light is a solemn and sacred religion. This religion despises all sex related matters. AS the Saint of the Church, Jihkuang is bothered by her inability to quench her thirst for sex. Seeing everything that she is going through, her maid would intentionally arouse her sensitive areas while servicing Jihkuang. Before ever being caressed by the opposite sex, the pair of huge jugs and long slender legs have long been marked by her maid. To the outside world, she is the perfect model of the Church, advocating celibacy at all times. However, as night falls, the girls in the Church love to have fun in the secret garden, which has yet been fully explored.
“I am the light and justice. Even in death, there shall be no darkness." Sun Goddess, Xihe. As long as Xihe was there, there was no. darkness to come. As the mother of the gods of the sun, the goddess Xihe loved things that glowed like daylight. Her sun sons, in order to get a chance to go out with their mother in her carriage, began to give her different gifts to please her. The third son made a sacred staff for Xihe, but his brothers felt that there was nothing special about giving her a weapon, because Xihe was already powerful. She could turn the human world into hell just with a wave of her sleeve. But the third son did not listen to his brothers’ advice and gave Xihe the staff, even naming it after his mother. As the other brothers expected, Xihe had no interest in the staff, but in order not to break her third son's heart, she pretended to be happy to accept the staff and let the third son go out with her as the sun of the day. When the son was not paying attention, Xihe dropped the staff out of the carriage, which fell beyond the clouds and into the mortal world, destroying one of the churches of the Holy Sun. The church sent someone to investigate and recovered the Xihe staff, which was now the exclusive property of the Holy Virgin Jihkuang.


TLDR: Jihkuang is a support with lower healing volume until her weapon is built, but powerful single target buffs and intelligent targeting to compensate. Her buffs often times make Jihkuang useful for many boss fights where maximizing damage from a carry is best. Since Jihkuang's heals and buffs do not benefit from star-levels, she can be useful even at low stars. Due to this, she tied with GOD Hata & Mikami as the top recommended festival/carnival girl to get first for F2P and low-spending players.

Story Missions
Spirit Beast: Vermillion Bird/White Tiger
Ancient Battlefields: Any
Guild Boss: Beast Goblin
Guild Boss: Any


Jihkuang's weapon provides an up to 16% heal to the lowest health ally whenever she uses a normal attack and (+30) provides the entire party a physical resistance buff of up to 20/30% for the 1st turn of the battle. The heal helps off-set Jihkuang's lower healing output. Since she is a Light faction unit, her weapon can be raised up to +40, but is extremely expensive after +20 on the weapon. All players should raise her weapon to +20 to increase her healing output. Whales can raise her weapon to +30/40W if they wish to counter-act turn 1 meta units, like Hata & Hibiki, Diana, or Jill.

Awakened Weapon

Jihkuang's awakened weapon is a very powerful healing that kicks in automatically when targeted allies fall below 50% HP for the first time. All players should seek to raise this to +20AW if they use Jihkuang, as the automatic healing is extremely strong. It extends the targets of the auto-heal from 3 to all allies, and raises the healing they receive by 3/8% at +30/40AW, but is extremely costly.

Technical Details

Coming Soon.

All F2P should seek to obtain Jihkuang early from the monthly festival. Even at low stars, she can be used to raise the ATK of key damage units (like Huaxi) by up to 45%. This is a large gain for very little investment. Built up strong, Jihkuang can serve as a solid F2P healer, key damager buffer, and can paralyze units. A strong festival pick for F2P players.

For the same reasons that F2P should pickup Jihkuang, whales should also have a servicable Jihkuang at all times. In fights where most of the damage comes from a single unit, Jihkuang excels as an ATK buffer. She also serves as a strong meta PVP healer if invested in properly, and does not require her +30/40 weapon levels to be good (although they help vs turn 1 meta units).


Name Effect
link={{{4}}} Holy Light Casts a Healing effect on 2 party heroes with the lowest HP percent, recovering the affected target's HP by 10/15/20/25%
link={{{4}}} Miracle Deals 90/110/130/150% ATK as Magic Damage to 3 enemies and has 40/50/60/70% chance to cast a Paralysis effect on the targets, preventing them from using Normal Attack for 2 rounds.
link={{{4}}} Relic Casts a Strengthen effect on a party hero with the lowest HP percent every round, increases the target's Physical Defense by 40/55/70/85% for 1 round.
link={{{4}}} Gift of Saint Casts a Strengthen effect on a party hero with the highest ATK every round, increases the affected target's ATK by 25/35/45/55% for 1 round.

Her normal 2-turn skill heals up to 25% to the 2 lowest health ally units making it rarely go to waste, but since her ultimate deals damage to 3 targets with a chance of paralysis, she can sometimes lack in total healing output.

link={{{4}}} Eye of The Sun When self after using Normal Attack, casts a Healing effect on a party hero with the lowest HP percent, recovers the affected target’s HP by 5/7/10/13/16% immediately. (+30) When battle starts, increases all party heroes's Physical Resistance by 20/30% for 1 round. this effect cannot be Dispel.

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