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Dec 16th
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As the Assassin of the Tribe, Larla has the ability to turn herself into a shadow. Hiding in darkness, she awaits the perfect opportunity to make the kill. After years of training, she has developed two other personalities. One is an extreme sadist, while the other is an extreme masochist. During sex, both would appear at random. Sometimes she demands to be whipped, while some other times she is on the receiving end.
"I felt his shadow stalking me. Should i run faster to get rid of him?" - A Psychotic. Larla's tribe worshiped the god of illusion, and with his blessing, every member of the tribe was born with superpowers: control of the elements, magic of life and death, etc. However, this attracted many evil merchants to steal the tribe's children for human trafficking. In order to protect the tribe from harm, the leader lead the clan to live a nomadic life, but in the end, they were nearly destroyed by the mercenaries. One day, Larla and her mother were out in the field gathering ingredients for their dinner when they came home to find a fire engulfing the village in the distance. After putting Larla in a safe place, her mother went to the village to look for survivors, telling young Larla to wait under a tree. Yet a sudden overcast rain doused the fire, so she ran into the village to find out where her people were, despite her mother's instructions. No matter how long she ran in the village, she saw no one alive and finally found a mercienary laughing as he stabbed her parents. Larla's mind collapsed and attracted nearby speries to form the Dark Shadow, which followed Larla's wish and split all mercenaries in the village in two. After crying for a long time, she was soothed by the Dark Shadow and left the village. Since then, she and the Shadow had lived together.



TLDR: Larla is a B-tier Ranger without a dedicated purpose. Due to changes made to her from the Taiwan version to the Global version, she lacks enough punch to make her dangerous. If you build her, she can perform slightly below average, but will never have a strong clear purpose.

In the Taiwan version, Larla's ultimate has an unbelievably high damage multiplier, but had the trade-off of a chance to stun herself after using it. Her signature weapon then reduced the chance to stun herself, being 0% by max level. In the global version, they chose to downgrade her ultimate skill damage multiplier, and remove the stun chance, instead offering up to 60% CDMG on her weapon, plus a 60% PDEF debuff to the target at max level. This was a very poor trade, as it left Larla without the ability to hit hard, which she needs since she targets the unit with the highest HP. Since the Taiwan version could become immune to stun through her weapon, she was the clear choice to take the Ranger prioritizing stun from the Guild Boss: Machine Goblin. Since the global Larla cannot be immune to stun, there isn't much benefit to using her over other support Rangers like Reese.

At the moment, Larla has no clear role in team building, and with her Awakened Weapon appearing underwhelming also, seems as though she may be doomed to obscurity in the Global version. However most players should exercise caution before using all copies of her as fodder, as she can sometimes be used as a critical hit chance buffer for other Rangers, and does not need to be strong to perform this role. We generally recommend building and keeping a 9-star copy of her, and foddering the rest, unless you're a whale, then she can be built to support a deep roster.

Spirit Beast: Komainu
Early-game crit chance buff
Mystic Tower: Imperial Tomb
Guild Boss: Machine Goblin


Larla's weapon can offer her up to 60% CDMG. This can help her damage some, but isn't generally worth building when weapon upgrade materials are scarce. The +30 effect will cast a weaken effect reducing the target's PDEF by 60% for 2 rounds any time she crits them. This is generally very weak, simply due to the fact that PDEF does not make up a considerable part of reducing damage taken, compared to Physical Damage Resistance. Take caution before investing in this weapon, as may not be worth it to very many players.

Awakened Weapon

Larla's weapon has not released in Global as of (3Dec23), but has released in Taiwan. If unchanged, the Larla's awakened weapon will deal 60/75/90/120% MDMG to a random enemy every turn. If it's a Boss unit, deal 1.5x damage. This won't improve her standing in PVP, but could possibly edge her out as the best-in-slot (BiS) vs certain Guild Bosses, namely Machine Goblin. Keep in mind, this is a lot of resource investment for a small return as BiS for what is currently 1 Guild Boss.

Technical Details

PDEF Weaken Effect: This weaken effect triggers instantly upon Larla landing a critical hit from any damage source. This includes her normal skill (2 targets), her ultimate skill (1 target), all normal attacks, and her passive damage from her awakened weapon effect.

We recommend that F2P eventually prioritize building Larla to 9*, and then foddering all future copies of her. If you don't care about the opportunity to use her as a critical hit chance buffer for other Rangers like Huaxi and Ayano, you may fodder all copies of her, but we still recommend building her to 9-stars prior to foddering her because it saves on fodder materials, and can provide the Outer Realm buff the first time she is built to 9-star.

Whales shouldn't rush to invest in Larla. If you have built most other girls in the game, and aren't sure who to build next, Larla can find niche usage in Mines PVP and Machine Goblin, but will likely be one of the last units built by most whales. She can be used as a critical hit chance buffer for other Rangers, but most whales will out-grow this capability relatively quickly.


Name Effect
link={{{4}}} Shadow Attack Deals 70/85/100/115% ATK as Physical Damage to 2 random enemies.
link={{{4}}} Shadow Form Deals 200/240/280/340% ATK as Magic Damage to a enemy with the highest HP.
link={{{4}}} Ambush When self dealing a Critical Hit as Physical Damage to an enemy, deals 30/45/60/75% ATK as Elemental Damage to the target at the end of round.
link={{{4}}} Evil Be Gone Increases self's Critical Rate by 15/20/25/30% every round, and casts a Strengthen effect on all party Ranger Heroes (except self), increases the affected target's Crit Rate by 5/10/15/20% for 1 round.
link={{{4}}} Dark Shadow Increases self's Crit Damage by 15/30/45/60%. (+30) When self after dealing Critical Damage to enemy, casts a Weaken effect to the target immediately, decreases the affected target's Physical Defense by 60% for 2 rounds.

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