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Mar 18th
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Eimi suddenly appeared naked in the library one day and had lost all memory except for her name, so the loving Church took her in with the intention of training her to be one of the next Virgins. However, the majority of the Church was against the idea of someone with an unknown background becoming the next Virgin, so Eimi did not become a candidate for the Virgins in the end. However, during her training, Eimi showed her amazing magical talents, especially in the art of summoning. She also enjoyed reading in the library, so the Pope ordered her to become the next administrator of the library and gave her the title of 'Saint of the Librarian'. Taking advantage of her position, Eimi hid a large number of pornographic novels and erotic pictures in her library, and she knew that one of the candidates of the Virgins often came to peep at her 'collection', but she never stopped her, and would even spy on her in the shadows as she masturbated while reading.
Humans, you don't need to be afraid of your strong sexuality. After all, it proves that my followers are hard at work~' -Venus Erotes were gods of love and sex, and served under Venus, the god of love. Following the god of love's orders, they brought love and desire to people of the world. Since the world was so big, they were busy every day delivering forecasts of love to tens of millions of people, and because they couldn't be everywhere, they had the god of craftsmanship create sex-related objects that would arouse people's sexual desires at the slightest touch. One of the Erotes, Hermolus, had his own 'sex object', a huge book. This strange book appeared in a small bookstore in the Western Alliance, and because it was so 'dangerous' to humans, the owner of the bookstore decided to give the strange book to the Holy Sun Church. Unfortunately, even the members of the Chruch did not know how to deal with this strange book, so they had to seal it with magic and place it deep in the library so that no one could accidently touch it. At first, Eimi was trained by the priestess of the Holy Sun Church to be the next Virgin. The priestess found out that Eimi was interested in reading and arranged her to go to the library for a few hours every day to read books to help her gain knowledge about this world. With a strong desire to learn, Eimi sneaked into the forbidden library late one night to read, but a magical voice led her to the strange book, which was unsealed in two or three strokes. The contents of the book was like a new world to Eimi, and she could not stop reading it, flipping page after page until dawn. Eventually, she even learned her exclusive summoning magic from this book. The unknown desire that always existed in her heart was in fact Hermolus' influence.


TLDR: Librarian Saint Eimi is a take on an elemental damage wielding tank that with a diverse support kit based on stacking elemental effects and a 2 ally MDmg Guard effect.

Librarian Saint Eimi functions somewhat similar to a concept of a Tekka and Tenka hybrid. She can guard 2 allies from MDmg, while healing the entire party based on elemental damage she deals. Her downside is mostly in PVE, where if a boss encounter is immune to elemental damage, it negates her ability to heal the party, while Tekka does not have this weakness, but also cannot deal any damage in the fights where the bosses are not immune to elemental damage. Similarly, her guard does not function very well in most boss modes, where True Damage is the primary mechanic.

This leaves Librarian Saint Eimi mostly as a PVP based unit, but she performs quite admirably in this mode, providing MDmg soaking guards, healing, and a constant source of DPS from a tank role. She is a bit lacking in the damage reduction department except for her guard, but her other strengths tend to make up for this reasonably well.

At her most whale build, she can significantly reduce the MDmg of the opposing team when paired with fellow elemental damage dealers, which will mostly impact PVP vs units such as Diva Mikami, Huaxi, and most Mages.

Guild Boss: Goblin of Belonging (average)


Librarian Saint Eimi's weapon being raised to at least +20 is absolutely necessary for her kit to function best, increasing the application of freeze effects (can also be paired with Elizabeth for this) so that her heal and passive immune strip and healing reduction effects take effect. But her weapon gains an effect of reducing MDmg for every elemental coverage of burn, poison, electrocute, and freeze, giving her up to 28/60% MDmg reduction. This is where her weapon shines, but as usual with festival girl weapons, is very whale/P2W.

Technical Details


There isn't a lot of reason to try and convince F2P to spend their limited resources on Librarian Saint Eimi. She functions fairly similarly to Tekka, performs primarily in PVP, and has her greatest power locked behind a P2W weapon. She will perform average at best in multi-team battles for those who are interested in her for waifu or horny purposes.

She is a strong PVP tank that can be combined with units like Nidia and Elizabeth to make powerful elemental damage teams. She tends not to make it into the meta until there are 3-5 teams at play in the PVP mode, so she may not see maximum usage. Whether to recommended to building her is completely dependent on your spending level, but some other festival units may be more useful initially.


Name Effect
link={{{4}}} Place of Fire Casts a Burn effect on 2 enemies, deals 40/50/60/80% ATK as Elemental Damage to the affected target at the end of round, lasts for 2 turns.
link={{{4}}} Eye of Anrosian Cast a Freeze effect on 2 enemy heroes with the highest HP. The affected targets take 45/55/65/85% of the dealer's basic ATK as Elemental Damage at the end of the round for 3 rounds. If the target already bears a Freeze effect, the Elemental Damage taken by the target will be reverted to us by the same amount for 3 rounds.
link={{{4}}} Fake Book of Enoch Deals 1 Dispel effect on an enemy with Burn or Freeze effects, removing 1 Immune effect from the target, and casting 1 Weaken effect on the target, reducing the Healing effect by 30/40/50/60% for 1 round.
link={{{4}}} Librarian Arms Deals 1 Guard effect every round to 2 of our heroes with the lowest HP other than the dealer. When the affected heroes take Magic Damage, the dealer takes the damage for them and increases own Magic Resistance by 15/20/25/30% and Physical Resistance by 5/10/15% for 1 round.
link={{{4}}} Hopeless Love V Has a 50% chance to cast a Freeze effect on all enemies every round, deals 5/10/15/20/25% ATK as Elemental Damage to the affected targets at the end of the round, lasts for 1 round. (+30) At the beginning of the round, if the opponent holds a Burn Poison Freeze or Electrocute effect, 1 Weaken effect will be dealt to the target for each effect held, reducing the affected target's Magic Damage to their enemy by 7/15% for 1 round.

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