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Jun 9th
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Nidia was born into the Rocky Mountain clan in the Western Mountains, whose main source of income was the export of minerals. The mining required great power and so the clan worshipped the powerful. Nidia's mother died in childbirth, and in a very superstitious clan Nidia was considered unlucky and no one would go near her.

The lonely Nidia could only play with the animals in the mountains. One day, while chasing a small lizard, Nidia discovered the cave of an ancient witch of the wilderness and a stone statue of a servant left behind. The statue woke up and recognized Nidia as its master, and in this way, Nidia inherited the powers of the ancient witch of the wilderness. Nidia wanted to help the clan mine their minerals with the help of this huge statue so that the clan would change their minds about her, and was happy to bring the statue back to the clan. Unexpectedly, the conservative clan members regarded her as a heretic and drove her out of the village. After being driven out of her village, Nidia wandered around with the statue. When she wandered into a small country in the Western Alliance, she met some kind-hearted soldiers who took her in, but just as she thought someone would truly care for her, she found that they only wanted to use the powers of the statue for military purposes. Nidia was angry and ordered the statue to destroy the whole army, and was therefore wanted by the Western Alliance. After fleeing to the land of the Rebel King and hearing about his philosophy, Nidia's desire for equality led her to worship him, and he became the object of her nightly sexual fantasies.

The only way for the only Nidia to survive was to use her magic to transform the stone statue into the Rebel King's form every night and have wild sex with it, but hard as the statue's dick was, it was still cold. She hoped to have the real Rebel King's dick in her pussy some day.
"Ma...ster...today...I...learnt-learnt...to..." - Salamander. The stone servant named Salamander could not talk to begin with. The previous witch of the wilderness had no friends to talk to, so she spent her days pouring her heart out to the stone statue. which over time became a little more verbose. The witch suddenly thought that if she could teach the stone to speak, it might be able to say sweet things during sex, so she was determined to bring it close to different men so that it could learn how to speak like a man. But the statue was too big to walk down the street, so the witch used a spell to attach it to a small lizard, so that the statue would only appear when she was fighting or making love. Surprisingly, the lizard loved this 'friend'. In fact the witch of the wilderness was so lonely that she had created a mystical creature like the stone servant. 'Loneliness' was the strongest source of power for the witch. She died in a cave with a strong sense of loneliness, pouring all her power into the stone statue before she died, leaving it to wait for someone with the same destiny to inherit it. Even though the stone statue now accompanied Nidia every day, she did not know the origin of the power of the statue, and her only connection to the previous witch was the same hard and cold dick.


TLDR: Nidia is primarily a dual-purpose mage. Her first purpose counters magic damage dealers, especially AoE magic, by petrifying them. She does not have good capability against physical damage dealers, and will even inhibit your own physical damage dealers when she petrifies magic damage dealers. Since most AoE magic damage dealers are quite strong, she does well in counter-magic teams especially due to her higher base HP compared to other mages. Her second purpose is to boost the elemental damage done against all enemy targets. This is both useful in long-term fights in teams with Imani and Rebecca, but also in short-term fights with units like Pailin and Eimi. Overall, her personal damage is very average, with some possible but RNG burst damage on her rock fall passive, and relatively low AoE and poison elemental damage over time on her ultimate skill. Her weapon gives a 50% chance to boost her own ATK by up to 30% and (+30) a guaranteed self-only ATK buff for 20%, fairly significantly helping to boost her relatively low personal damage.

Counter-magic Teams
Spirit Beast: Black Tortoise
Ancient Battlefields: Kirin
Mystic Tower: Imperial Tomb
Guild Boss: Goblin Giant


Technical Details

Nidia is a strong F2P character that is useful in virtually every game mode somewhere. It may take a while to build her up strong as a F2P, as copies of her are generally from gacha pull RNG only.

Nidia is a stable unit in many PVP as well as PVE. She has a very high ceiling she can achieve if invested in extremely deeply, as her weapon, awakened weapon, runes, and even Sammu the Guardian can really boost her raw power. She ramps up significantly as she is invested in more.


Name Effect
link={{{4}}} Blood Of Petrify When self after taking Magic Damage, casts a Petrify effect on the attacker Immediately, which prevents the affected target from acting and increases it's Physical Resistance by 30/25/20/15% for 2 rounds.
link={{{4}}} Toxic Boulder Deals 100/120/140/160% ATK as Magic Damage to 3 random enemies and casts a Poison effect on the targets, deals 100/110/120/130% ATK as Elemental Damage to the affected targets at the end of round, last for 3 rounds.
link={{{4}}} Geomancy Casts a Wound Deepening effect to all enemies every round, increases the affected targets from taking Elemental Damage by 20/25/30/40% for 1 round.
link={{{4}}} Falling Rocks Deals 60/80/100/120% ATK as Magic Damage to 1 random enemy every round, with a 50% chance of becoming 150/200/250% damage.
link={{{4}}} Breath of the Wild Has a 50% chance to cast a Strengthen effect on self every round, Increases self's ATK by 5/15/25/30% for 1 round. (+30) Casts a Strengthen effect on self every round, Increases self's ATK by 20% for 1 round.

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