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Nov 4th
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Originally a traveller, 'Oni Mikami' was passing near a small village in Penglai that was infested with bandits a few years ago, when she came across them robbing the villagers. She drew her sword and helped them without any trouble, and the villagers decided to give 'Oni Mikami' a banquet to repay her for saving the village.

At first, the villagers thought that 'Oni Mikami' was a sperm-loving ghost like Asaka, so they planned to ask her to leave after the banquet so that the village men would not be drained. During the feast, they learned that Mikami was not a ghost and was looking for a place to spend the night. Being gentle and easy-going, she treated all the villagers kindly and helped to repel every bandit attack, so the villagers gradually lowered their guard and Oni Mikami chose to settle in the village. Oni Mikami's true identity was that she was an alien who had lost faith in her people due to the incessant infighting between the races on her planet and the death of all those she valued, so she fled the planet and came to the country where the Rebel King now lived. However, her race had special skin and was afraid of the sun, so she always carried a long umbrella with her when she was out. Because of this, Oni Mikami had learnt to make and repair umbrellas. Apart from maintaining her own umbrella, she would also make the villagers umbrellas and opened an umbrella shop.

One night, by coincidence, Oni Mikami encountered the Rebel King who was on the run due to a bandit chase. Being an alien, Oni Mikami's physical strength would increase significantly at night, almost invincible, but the draw back was that her sex drive would increase as well, so Oni Mikami tried to avoid fighting at night. But when she saw the Rebel King, she felt familiar about him, and before she thought about it, her body was already saving the Rebel King. As Oni Mikami went up to the Rebel King, her face looked a little strange, and the Rebel King offered to help her with her excess libido as a thank you for the help.
'Live in my place and protect those you value...' - Sanka Because of Oni Mikami's fear of the sun, she built herself an umbrella that could hide her sword so that she could use the weapon even during the day if necessary. The main material of this sword was made of metal brought from Oni Mikami's home planet, and only a small amount of this metal was needed to be mixed and processed with other materials to make the finished metal product incredibly hard. It was shaped as a straight blade, which made it more suited to cutting than slashing. Oni Mikami found it very easy to use, like a sharp blade that could cut through anything. Its name was taken from her late fiance, Sanka, and was named in his honour. Oni Mikami had never told anyone about her past. But since she met the Rebel King, she had told him everything. The conflicts and wars in her homeland were becoming more and more serious, causing the entire planet to decline, and Oni Mikami gradually lost hope in her home planet. One by one, those whome she valued died from the war, one of whome was her fiance, and Oni Mikami blamed herself for failing to protect the people around her. As she was fleeing from the war, she accidently broke into a temple and was about to kill herself when a spell in the temple suddenly activated and transported her to the Rebel King's country. Oni Mikami felt that it was a chance given to her by the gods, so she wandered around looking for a reason to live. Until she met the Rebel King, a man who looked like her fiance and gave her a sense of deva vu, she felt that she had found that 'reason'. She didn't know if she would be able to marry him in this life, but she knew that this time she would protect the one she valued.



Oni Mikami (Oni for short) is an SS rank Warrior damage carry that focuses her biggest damage source through repeated basic attacks and seals that activate upon the death of an enemy or ally unit.

PVP: Damage Carry
Spirit Beast: Vermillion Bird
Spirit Beast: Azure Dragon (Top Tier)
Ancient Battlefields: Valkyrie (Top Tier)
Guild Boss: Goblin Shaman (Top Tier)


Oni's weapon will reduce the ATK of the highest ATK opponent, which is useful in both PVP and PVE. The other component of her weapon at +20/30 will reduce the PDR of 2 targets by 10-25%. The main use of this is if she can land it on the current target who is taking her chain normal attacks. If it is a tank or other PDR heavy unit, it can help her kill it quickly. The PDR reduction does not have much use in PVE though, as PDR cannot be reduced past 0 and it cannot counter physical immunity.

Technical Details


Oni is a very strong unit for any F2P to have any amount of copies of. At a minimum, she will likely be a top contender in Valkyrie AB simply because of the sheer number of attacks she makes, but she also might be a contender in Goblin Wizard for players who lack other damage options there. F2P should attempt to get as many copies of Oni as possible through events since JAV unit and not in the base summon pool.

Oni is a strong DPS carry needed to compete at high levels of PVP. She is strongly countered by Asaka, but can still get some use out of her seal mechanic after death. As with most JAV units, she is necessary in whale competitions.


Name Effect
link={{{4}}} Refer Makes self's Normal Attack deal 150/160/180/200% ATK as Physical Damage to enemy. Increases self's HP by 5/10/15/20%.
link={{{4}}} Kagura Deals 180/200/220/240% ATK as Physical Damage to 2 enemies and cast a Weaken effect on the targets, decreases the Healing or Recovery effect of the affected targets by 50/60/70/80% for 2 rounds.
link={{{4}}} Pray (Oni) After our heroes have dealt damage to the enemy with a Normal Attack or Active Skill, has a 25/50/75/100% chance of immediately dealing a Normal Attack.
link={{{4}}} Expel Bad Luck Whenever a hero dies on the field, immediately deals a Seal effect to one of the opponent's heroes, the affected target deals 140/220/300/380% of ATK as Elemental Damage at the end of the round, this effect will not be removed by Oni's death.
link={{{4}}} Amaterasu Casts a Weaken effect on the enemy with the highest ATK every 2 rounds. The ATK of the affected target will be reduced by 5/15/25/50%. Lasts for 2 rounds. (+20) Casts a Wound Deepening effect on 2 random enemies every 2 rounds, decreases the affected target's Physical Resistance by 10/25% for 2 rounds.

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