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Nov 9th
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Hibiki had been blessed with great magical powers since birth, but her aristocratic parents, who did not know much about magic, had to send her to a general magic school in the Western Alliance to test her abilities. However, Hibiki's performance at the school astonished everyone. She could understand everything related to magic at a glance, and her ability to complete spells was comparable to that of the school's teachers, and it was not uncommon for her to receive scholarships, so her parents thought that this would enhance the prestige of the family, and continued to allow Hibiki to study at the magic school.

However, due to her low self-esteem, Hibiki always denied her own strength, thinking that it was just a "coincidence" that she could cast powerful spells. However, the other students did not feel the same way. They thought that Hibiki's attitude was a mockery of other people's lack of effort, while she could do it with no effort at all. Therefore, Hibiki's interpersonal relationship at the school was very poor. She often apologized for unnecessary things in order to resolve the misunderstanding with her classmates, and "sorry" became one of her pet phrases. But even so, her classmates still thought she was two-faced and didn't want to be friends with her.

When she reached puberty, Hibiki became curious about sex and secretly studied "sex" related spells. One day, while masturbating, she used a spell that enhanced the pleasure of pussies, but she forgot to set the range of the use of the spell, and the whole school was affected, which caused chaos, and was eventually stopped because of Hibiki's magic power had run out. The headmaster of the school, considering Hibiki's excellent academic performance and good attitude towards learning, planned to turn a blind eye on it, but somehow, someone deliberately spread the rumor that Hibiki was the cause of the incident, and the students protested for her to be expelled from the school. The headmaster of the school, who was under pressure from various parties, could only expel Hibiki from the school superficially, but in reality, he sent Hibiki to a high school of magic in a foreign land, the Kingdom of Clouds, to continue learning the magic from both east and west.
"F...find her for me...!" -The wand made a stuttering sound Thousands of years ago, a witch named Flourish used her own blood to make a contract with a devil in order to increase her power. The devil became a wand for her to use, and she had to have sex to extract men's semen in exchange for her powerful magic, and only until Flourish died and was reincarnated did the contract end. Flourish was already a witch who used sex magic and enjoyed sex, especially with men, so the price was like a reward for her. She could have sex and increase her magic power at the same time, and she could not stop craving for sex. After Flourish's death, a half-magician attached her soul to his sword through soul-transferring technique, and the magic wand was left behind, but the contract didn't end there because Flourish's soul was still there. After a thousand years, the wand had not absorbed any semen and fell into a deep sleep. Hibiki sensed the subtle power of the wand and was attracted to it, and finally found it in the ruins. After Hibiki injected magic power into it, the wand was revived and told her the story, and said that Flourish had betrayed her, and that it had to find Flourish to make her pay the price and make itself back to its devilish form. Hibiki, who never knew how to refuse a request, agreed naturally, and in return, the wand unconditionally enhanced her magical powers...


This unit is still being tested, tier ranking is subject to change as testing continues.
TLDR: Sorcerer Hibiki is an S rank physical damage assassin who specializes in causing weakening status effects, while dealing extra damage to target with weakening effects. She synergizes well with Jasmine, and is one of few characters capable of dispeling a Blessing effect. Sorcerer Hibiki's kit revolves around causing weakening effects to a wide range of targets, then targeting enemies with either the most energy or the lowest HP to deal bonus damage if the target has one of the weakening effects. She needs her weapon to be most effective, but generally she does not need her weapon to be maxed out.

Ancient Battlefields: Amaterasu


Sorcerer Hibiki's weapon is very necessary to keep her ultimate skill cycling quickly, where she is at her highest effectiveness. Even with her weapon at +20 she can generally get enough energy in order to ult quickly following a previous use of her ultimate skill, so a +30 is not necessary. Unless a boss has existing Physical Damage Resistance, the new +30 effect that reduces their Physical Resistance will have no effect on them most of the time, so the +30 weapon will see most of its use in PVP to counteract Goddess skills, Support buffs, or other sources of Physical Damage Resistance.

Awakened Weapon

None at this time.

Technical Details

Coming Soon.

Sorcerer Hibiki has a strong synergy with Jasmine, who requires a lot of weaken effects to maximize the damage on her ultimate skill. For F2P players who have been playing long enough to build a strong Jasmine, Sorcerer Hibiki could find some use, especially if multiple copies can be obtained of her over time. However, as with most JAV girls, they are difficult for F2P to build up strong.

Sorcerer Hibiki is a strong unit, but not incredibly overpowered. She will bring success to PVP modes, but may not be a higher priority over other JAV units. She sees synergy with units that exploit weakness like and and because whenever her weapon is applying poison effects, this can provide further synergy with , so there are various team compositions that will be strengthened with the presence of Sorcerer Hibiki and even on her own she is a good strong unit. Spending players should consider building her, but might fall behind certain other more meta units in priority. She performs well with , , or , depending on the situation.


Name Effect
link={{{4}}} Genesis Deals 130/140/160/180% ATK as Physical Damage to an enemy with the highest Energy, the damage will become 2x when the target with a Weaken effect.
link={{{4}}} Revelation Deals 180/200/220/240% ATK as Physical Damage to an enemy with the lowest HP, the damage will become 2x when the target with a Weaken effect. And casts a Dispel effect to all enemies, removes 1 Blessing effect from the affected target.
link={{{4}}} Heavenly condemnation Makes self's Normal Attack prioritize on highest Energy enemy. After dealing Physical Damage to an enemy, casts a Weaken effect on the target and reduce target's ATK by <5/10/15/20% for 2 rounds.
link={{{4}}} Full memory capacity Casts a Weaken effect on 2/3/4/all enemies every round, reducing affected targets' ATK by 15% for 1 round.
link={{{4}}} Tyrfing's side Whenever a front-row enemy casts a Ultimate Skill, increases self's energies by 25/50/75/100. (+30) Casts a Wound Deepening effect on all enemies every round, reducing the affected target's Physical Resistance by 10%, and if the target has a Weaken effect, their Physical Resistance is reduced by an additional 20% for 1 round.

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