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Penglai Islands Faction units will gain +100% ATK against this boss.
Boss Position: Front Row


Image Name Description
Valkyrie Ability 1 Call of the Soul Deals 100% ATK as True Damage to 1 random enemy and casts a Stun effect on the target, prevents the affected target from action for 1 round.
Valkyrie Ability 2 Langrisser Throws the huge knight's spear to the ground, triggering an aurora that engulfs the enemy. (All)
Valkyrie Ability 3 Shield of the white defense Increase own Elemental Defense by 25%.
Valkyrie Ability 4 Divine Body Immune from Control, Energy Reduction, Steal effects.

Recommended Heroes:[edit]

Tier DPS

Note1: is with +20 or higher weapon, but without.
Note2: is with +20 or higher weapon and using , but without.
Note3: with +30 weapon is , but not recommended with anything less.

Team Building:[edit]

This fight revolves primarily around , so without her damage output will likely be lackluster and supplementing her with additional damagers is fairly limited due to the lack of high damaging Penglai girls. Her performance increases significantly with her weapon at +20 or higher. Units that support her will be the next best choice, like . For additional damagers, is an easy choice for this fight due to her increased single target potency at weapon level +20 and higher, and also benefits from critical hit/critical damage support. is one of the only other Penglai Island damagers that tends to deal significant enough damage to out-weigh using a support instead. increases damage consistency over multiple fights, helping to ensure damagers land their critical hits, but generally does not increase maximum damage dealt over other compositions. performs fairly poorly against this boss, due to the boss' high speed, but even when the boss is debuffed up to -100% her damage is still is not known whether this is a bug.

Team Examples:[edit]

Most F2P Friendly: Slot 1: +/ Any Slot: Any Slot: +/ Any Slot: Any Slot except 1 (when weapon is +20 or higher):+/

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